Small Basement Design Ideas By DeForest Architects

Designers in search of inspired individuals, objects and unusual, always working closer to earth to create unique, amazing things. They have found their inspiration in many directions, places and characters. Whether it’s Ancient Architecture, futuristic, modern or timeless, there can always be something about a good design. I found this particularly Igor Miro, a young designer from Bremorn Road. He created this amazing minimalist basement design which really makes me think about how it would look in a normal house.Let’s take a closer look at his ideas.

First of all, let’s see what you could put in there. It probably sounds like a complex answer but we’ll have a closer look at it just in case. There’s plenty of storage space in there, as well as mobile furniture. The rooms are separated by bars that you can use for storing things. This way your kid will have more freedom of movement when falling asleep or he wouldn’t get caught in the same time.

Small Basement Design Ideas By DeForest Architects Photo 2

The rooms are modern and simple, everything fits in there. The furniture must be simple as well, just not too colorful or bright. The floor should be relatively high, maybe slightly lower. The lighting should be bright but not very strong and the colors should not be bold and out of place.

I really like the colors. They go very well together and they look beautiful together with the white walls and all those furniture pieces, especially in this décor. It’s like a story with a young character. I personally like the colors very much. They remind me of fairy tales, like the fluffy ones and the story with the snowman , too. Overall, it’s a minimalistic design, even minimalist designs, around colorful and beautiful decorative items.{found on deForest}.

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