Shipping Container Housing Unit

This lovely house was designed and built by The graphics artist Alexandros Liapis for an art lover and himself. It’s a sort of house built into a mountain in the Swiss village of Villefranche which presented two challenges when building it. The first one was the distance the house would be located to be visible from the village. The second one was the distance of the house to any neighbours. The idea was to create a house that wraps itself almost like a thick wall, but at the same time adjoins a wide and inviting home.

The house is located in Villefranche-sur-orgese, near the village of Villedea which in the summer time can be a very desirable location for tourists, weekend workers, and of course for the avid art lovers. The design of the home consists of three volumes, all slightly related in function but with different internal structures. The center slab is parallel to the entrance in reference to the position of the former owner when the project was started. The rest of the rooms are placed on the upper volume, since this provides a nice private volume to the building with attached rooms that can be used as bedrooms at night.

The result was a modern looking house with simple and very well planned lines. The house separates from the other houses in the village by the use of rectangular vegetable plots and a courtyard. The height of the house is borrowed by its wooden structure and by the use of bold patterns and shapes in its design. The vertical organisation of the house is very practical and functional.

Shipping Container Housing Unit Photo 4

Shipping Container Housing Unit Photo 5

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