Price Pfister Ashfield Landscaping By RegionalArchitecture

In the middle of French country there is a wonderful landscaped by regionalArchitecture .Each of the houses in the area is located in a small and private plot and the houses are designed to have privacy and every detail is carefully designed. The houses are arranged so as to benefit the privacy and the light that enters the rooms at all times. The minimalist design of the houses make the landscaping design an essential part of the design.

The modern construction of the houses looks and feels very much on a green, outdoor feeling. In the midst of the green, sparsely furnished courtyard the structure seems to be formed around a pool. In the gardens the light and shadows of the sun are projected all the way around the building.

Even from inside the modern building, the view of the outside gardens and the sunlight that enter the interiors create a sense of harmony and look what we would call heavenly perfection for a family home.

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