Kitchen Cabinet Wood Colors And The Furniture

Wood is a material that can adapt to all sorts of environments. It looks very natural and it almost never gets old. But the fact that it’s used only so as not to need or follow any trends or make it susceptible to some odd artistic transformation makes it even more interesting. This is a furniture collection designed by Artistic Designs for Living. There are several elements that make this furniture unique.

One example would be the design of the kitchen cabinets. They feature these simple and elegant shapes and they have a functional structure. But the cabinets are not the main attraction in this space. They are in fact complemented by recessed accent lights. Each cabinet is made of only four pieces. In a way, each one is a statement piece.

In order to create this effect we have tried to use multiple methods. We created some sort of background behind these designs and used them to break the mold. Multiple colors were used and accent lighting is also used to highlight these details.

Each one of these accent pieces only has a partial black background to start with and then it transformed to help highlight additional elements on that wall behind it. The cabinets have mirrored tops and rivets and they have a very subtle industrial vibe. The play of geometric lines illustrates the beauty of modern design, in general.

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Kitchen Cabinet Wood Colors And The Furniture Photo 5

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