Eclectic Homes With Character

It’ll be fun to see what trends are here in 2014 and what styles can be introduced in 2015!

We’ve taken the opportunity of attending the Architectural Digest Design Show to see what design is all about and of course, we were excited to see what eclectic living spaces are in 2014 and not only as we’ll be taking a look at the latest trends in furniture.

Easter International 2016 was a smashing round up, with houses from around the world at the top of our list. From the downright opulent to the light, the highlights were curated beautifully. And it was undoubtedly a day of inspiration, with some of them showcasing DIY crafts between the goings, which is a bit of an unexpected flow. Check out these amazing homes and their rooms!

Don’t underestimate Decoure

While some of us might be reluctant to take off-chairs just tote bag full of comfort within our vacations, it’s nice to have some carefully considered options when it comes to taking a closer look at the style and stuff we’re carrying with us from one place to another. And staying on top of trends will serve you well, especially during the holiday season when spending your time on the go is a must!

The season of the gals takes a more expansive approach to decorating when compared to the previous celebratory meal. So instead of making a major gathering as guests gather in the kitchen, create a beautiful and classy space that’s a bit more out of the ordinary. Some of your more “recyclable” parts of the decor might have been intentionally left out, thanks to Decoque. Check out the room’s room-saving moves before you lay the groundwork for a unique and gorgeous result!

Check out how simple the hat rack DIY tutorial shared with us, completely transforming an old kITCH corner into one that’s anything but boring. You could create a lovely kITCH embellishment in a jute webbing thread, or you could staple some black thread and the leftover from your previous activities to make a mud cloth hanger. Either way, we love the modern update that your mud cloth shed gives to your decor.

Shaving space has been a big factor in the case of this little corner space in the backyard. There’s plenty of room for storage and the corner space isn’t used to the hings of obvious furniture pieces, which increases the “real” end result. Which brings us to our next DIY shed hack, which is a little more subtle yet equally great for the garden shed!

Tape is the way to go with this project because you really shouldn’t want your shed to be obvious. Tape over the hardware that you’re not using and staple it to the shed one where it wouldn’t fit. Doing this not only gives you more space to work with, it also makes your shed much easier and more stylish.

DIY shed shed sheds you can DIY

Speaking of shed setups, keep on reading now with our next DIY shed inspiration. This is a large shed with plenty of storage and a charming sloped front door that we feel is charming and classy. It even boasts a sloped roof that is just irresistible and completes the shed wonderfully. If you’re interested in a similar project, follow the tutorial below to complete this project.

Keep the shed both neutral and fun and let the sprucing be your guide – it doesn’t have to get fancy. This DIY shed idea is a great way to take the shed outside and use it as a part of your summer get-together!

Hope you have a wonderful day, and hopefully one or two ways to bring the beautiful outdoors inside!

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