Cozy Cat Bed For Your Small Apartment

cats are wonderful tiny companion animals. They always do well indoors and if you choose to offer them for pets in your apartment or house the result will be a cozy and safe space, a home for you and your little companions. You can also have fun creating a special cat bed. It might not be as fun as other animal toys but it’s a great alternative for those of you who don’t want to necessarily invest in furniture. Here’s an idea that actually seems clever.

It’s a very clever idea, to build a cat bed that allows you to create a miniature bed for your pet. It’s a sort of nightstand/ nightstand that doubles as a side table, bedside tables and sliding doors or shelves. It has compartments underneath for the cat toys, small toys, towels and other things that your pet could use either when alone in the house or when away guests meet when its time to sleep.

People usually like to keep their pet’s food and toys close when they’re not in use. So a nice and practical way of doing that is by storing them in drawers. That’s also what this design from the Lilly Exchange shows. This is actually a shelving unit that cats can use quite good. The best thing about it is that it stores all your pet’s food and keeps them in one place. It does that conveniently including items such as toys, towels and other things that your pet needs to eat, like salt for example.

But, besides the great storage system and structure, it also has interesting design. It uses solar energy and this allows it to be passively lit. In order to be able to use the light, the pet needs a lot of energy so there was a concern on that area of the house. But it was used to solve the energy problem so the problem was solved. The Solar Decathlon came to an end with this ingenious and energy-efficient piece of furniture.

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