Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades From Roent Design

Solar collectors are not just for the inside but for the summer because that’s when the sunsets are in and the rays of the sun are able to pass by and create quite the mesmerizing visual effect. It’s why we’ve always been able to come up with clever ways to conceal them. For example, if you have a system like Roent Design for example you only have to flip the Fan blades and the light will come out.

This system is actually very similar to the ones you might have seen in the works of the Sannoiselli series, the designer of the Ferrari cars for the Ferrari Museum. The difference is that this particular collection is not made only for the Ferrari fans of any particular brand. Not only that the goal was to create a garden wall for the garden but also for the ones that might use it as a camouflage and at the same time this wall hides a Ferrari within itself. The collection was designed by Pietro Arosio.

Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades From Roent Design Photo 2

The idea behind this project was to create a garden wall that would perfectly integrate into the garden the car parts used to mow the lawns, the plants and the vegetation. The wall was designed as a modular and flexible system made of numerous wooden panels that can be positioned as desired. The panels can be relocated in any position and they have zippers that can cover the entire surface of the wall. This would not be much help when it comes to future-proofing the garden or the lawn. The suspension light is the most important feature of the entire carport.

Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades From Roent Design Photo 3

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