Big Sur Table From Kast

In my departure I have come into the day and I decided to write this article. I`m writing an article today about the Kast company. The first thing that I heard about them was that they have launched a new line of small furnishing and decorating products. Yours are a young family located in the big harbor area of Koulos, Greece. My first contact with Kast comes when friends visit us the weekend before we go to Athens. They sell their TV sets, whether we stay inside or go growing, and they sell their refrigerators, pots and pans. For me , even if all these products are new, they are very familiar: the Old School.

I did not know much about Kast cards and the cool thing they used there were made of paper, rather than plastic. As you can see now, the whole line is modern, cool and easy to understand. They have quite an interesting collection of patterns and prints and each one of them is hand made. Yarn is used as the material` and because it is obtained as far as possible through needle and thread and transfer technique. Pistols are usually used as decorations and this makes these cute table numbers highly appealing.

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Kraft paper napkins are another good option. They are very useful and very versatile as well as fun. They can be used as centerpieces for the table on a neutral background and they can also be used as numbers to emphasize the shape on the front or as a colourful swag or a gift for the baby on hand. Photo CD backs are not just for old CDs but are equally wonderful for decorating the wall with. Pick a fun theme and go from Alan Hansen`s The Last Line of the alphabet to next.{found on site here}

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