Storage Crate Homes By Peter Ciprios And Vanessa DeLeon

These are the Crystal glass houses designed by studio Peter Ciprios and Vanessa DeLeon. They’re actually sort of like miniature homes with real glass walls. They’re the result of the design process between the architects and designers, both professional and passionate. The idea was to create a structure that would allow easy and natural access to the outdoors and that would last for 1200 years to come to life. The result was this unique house. This was possible thanks to a very creative design which was inspired by the crystals.

This is a very special structure both for its design and from the name of the structure. It’s inspired by the crystals that make these glass supports last. In fact, they resemble the natural reflection of the light that enters the glass and they actually brighten up the whole structure. Since it’s such a dramatic-looking structure, it’s difficult to say whether it was designed in a period that doesn’t feature glass walls or whether it’s an old or modern.

Since it’s such a large project, the design had to be adapted to a limited and exposed environment. The architects also had to find a way to integrate a pool into the design and to make the most of the site. The double-height glass wall was not that easy but, instead, all the corridors were built with a series of elegant curvaceous lines which only help to make the construction seem even more interesting. The living area is one of the most interesting elements. It features a wall with a marble slabs and it doesn’t interfere with anything else, not even the design. Nevertheless, the fireplace couldn’t be hidden and the fireplace surround, despite how delicate and elegant it still manages to make the room stand out.

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