Red China Cabinet

Glass based designs are usually famous for their versatility and simplicity so, if you want a unique touch to anything, you should take a look at this nice and simple china cabinet. It has a very beautiful and delicate shape with four legs that form a circle and a central one with four small branches. This way it’s very easy to identify and identify the different types of glass used for kitchen cabinets.

It’s made will not be necessary to mount to a wall or even to structural supports. This cute cabinet is created from three piece of wood that can each have a lifespan of 40,000 CDs. The price it’s available on sale is $15,600.The cabinet features silver front doors with wheels and hand pulls and it also includes matching shelves. The bottom half of the cabinet features vertical shelves and the middle piece houses the TV stand and a round mirror cabinet. The cabinet is made in Vermont and it’s sold separately.

3. The Sol 72? Clear Crystal Wall Mounted Chrome Bookcase

If you prefer crystals, then maybe you should consider purchasing this 72’’’ clear crystal wall mounted nickel finish. It’s a trendy piece of furniture that comes in four different colors, all clear, with an off white finish. The dimensions are 72’’ width x 28’’ depth x 30’’ height. It’s a chic piece of furniture and it’s also very durable and sturdy. The best feature is probably the fact that the shelves are all made of glass, so they don’t take anything floor to store and they don’t use glue as they are not needed. This makes the piece even better received. It’s a very beautiful detail, one you could use in a dining room, in the living room, in the bedroom, maybe even in the kitchen maybe even in the kitchen and so on.

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