Leopard Print Chair By Sandra San Atrium

Berlin-based studio Sandra San Atrium has designed the Patrimoine Chair.

This rather unusual chair has not an decorative seat, neither a purely decorative piece of fabric. It’s more of a decorative piece that you can use to complete your living room décor. The Patrimoine chair is an elegant and comfortable piece of furniture, not to mention very cozy. It’s a modern piece of furniture that would look wonderful in a small living room or in the office.

Leopard Print Chair By Sandra San Atrium Photo 3

As the user enters the chair, you have to press a button to maintain the balance. The dominant button is in this case located on the sides and the back is the exception. In order to be able to feel comfortable while seating in this chair, you have to be also careful of the surrounding decorations. since it has such a simple design, there are not many chances to make anything out of it. So the lines are very clear and the attention to details is incredible. I wouldn’t recommend me very much if I were a person, as I can handle it, but still, I can’t afford to make everything perfect, and this only emphasizes my opinion, that the balance is absolutely absent.

As for the materials used, the chair is made from a base of sheet metal, which is filled with six parts paper pinwheels, each of which is programmatically located on each side of the seat. The other materials are fiber, non-toxic paint, paper and fabric. All these ideas apply to the perfectly designed Patrimoine chair, because it is the only thing that does not look perfectly like what everybody else may imagine. It is not a chair you can sit on, it is designed perfectly and offers your back all the comfort that you so enjoy. The flat surface of the chair, the unevenness on the front and the fact that the seat opens upwards like a loop in the middle (is a trademark of the Nordic countries) , make it a very comfortable piece of furniture. If you like it, you can order it online for $4,850.

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