L Shaped Dining Bench With Oak Legs

Furniture is very useful and always has been useful and for that we have to be constantly looking for new designs. Today we found the perfect example to illustrate this concept. It’s an outdoor bench with oak legs and a design that could easily be adapted to any setting. This particular piece of furniture is designed by Raimond Potiout, the same one that also features a very stylish table. It’s perfect for outdoor use and it has a simple but eye-catching design.

The table has a rectangular top and matching legs. Its dimensions are 16?H x 32?W x 12?D and each table is different. Also, there are seven swivel wheels that allow the user to easily move it around the garden or terrace, wherever they may be. The frame of the table is made from durable wood. The wood adds that touch of warmth and rustic beauty that make this a charming and inviting piece of furniture. It represents the perfect combination between tradition and innovation. The table is not just an interesting and unique piece of furniture but also a very practical and functional one.

The user can enjoy her own piece of heaven in just a few seconds. The table has a wonderful rustic design that manages to combine functionality with elegance. The wood is very resistant so this is not something that would be critical in a common piece of furniture. The legs have wheels and this allows the user to change the height of the table whenever guests want. The legs are very simple and yet very inviting. They might not look very out of place unless the décor is well-proportioned. The overall dimensions of the table are 41?W x 30?D x 38?H and you can buy it for $1,696.99. It’s a very good choice for any garden or backyard.

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