Glass Swimming Pool From Anse Wachau- Bee Preserve

Those of you who are curious about the world of swimming pools can find it somewhere far away. Perhaps you could even visit the Philippines if you find its Moonquito Private Naturalization. It was designed and created by Sanjay Puri Architects in 2013 and it is located in Marina di La Praz-one of Alibaug, Andalas, Colombia. There you can actually take a walk or a bike skateboarding.

In order to get a great view of the amazing Sanjay Puri buildings there’s actually a very different atmosphere created inside the suites. The exterior of the building is more like an extended projection. It features simulated foliage as well as a vertical garden. The indoor-outdoor connection is very strong and everything has its own place in the design, even the artwork.

The roof of the building is an artificial representation of the actual building and it attempts to copy something that’s already true from the outside. The trees that are there actually form a temporary cover for the pavilion. The interior presents all the basic elements of the house and this is the main idea behind the project. It’s a simple structure that manages to harmoniously combine traditional living spaces with contemporary functions.

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