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Deco style tiles have returned with a modern twist and have been made fun and modern place to decorate. And the Art deco style has won the attention with its highly artistic mosaic patterns. And here are some new and trendy tiles for your decorating tastes.

The Dapper’s Collection by Porada, featuring a fun collection of home accessories, tiles and deco inspired shapes, is by Barbara Porada. These delicate colorful accessories would make a wonderful gifts and they would also be a modern way of adding a warm touch to any bathroom.

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Tiles make a bathroom look tidy, clean and clean in just a few seconds and this makes them easy to remove right away. Just chip and wipe as needed and the water dish is almost effortless. And aside from its appearance, they also offer a lovely surface for a mirror or a chic frame as well.

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Designed by Pier Sarowski, these smooth and rounded rectangular tiles are the perfect complement to the floating vanity. Gently covering the front with some long, low-hanging pendant lights gives these tiles a light, soft look. And doing its job right, you can almost feel the hand bristling under the sweet notes.

For those who prefer a minimalist design, there are bathroom tiles available in the gray and white color glossy finish to match your bathroom decor, or in the vibrant teal finish to highlight the natural surface of the tile. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this modern, eye-popping choice for your bathroom makeover.

Like the amazing mosaics and pops of color that are a part of the contemporary look, there is no shortage of patterned bathroom tiles either. This selection is another beauty from Porada. It’s more colorful than anything you usually see in a bathroom. Yet it’s still classy and stylish.

What can you do with those plain and white tiles you so often find in a bathroom? Enter tile ball shades like these. A little bit of color, a little design integrity and sheer functionality come together in this collection of light and very subtle tiles.

Black and white make a beautiful duo. Justilearn is a series of ombre bathroom tile ideas that see a reappearance in modern bathroom settings. The idea is both elegant and cost-effective.

We thought tech-savvy couples and single travelers could appreciate the romanticism and freedom that colors can bring. This collection of botanical tiles makes this one of their best-selling ceramic tiles.

If you’re more into minimal bathrooms and bathrooms with just a little bit of frilly pattern in them, then you must love the sleek ceramic tiles you see here. It would do the trick if it included a print that doesn’t cover that large portion of the bathroom floor, but these look mighty personable.

Protruding ceramic tiles with all the patterns and repeating elements create a very stylish and unique wallpaper for your bathroom. And if you do like the look, KRIS also has new wallpaper designs that incorporate this type of surface.

How do you get the all-over inspiration from ceramic tiles? Think minimalism through some simple ceramic tile ideas. Using KRIS online products, you can easily get a designer-led look for your very own space.

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