Room Tiles By Vic?ibor

Vaccrete is one of the most interesting materials for building floors. The practical material that creates a smooth and seamless transition from basement to pool is the cement. It is lightweight, durable and easy to work with. Such materials have great versatility that they can be used in any modern house without exception. For that the Vic?ibor Room Tiles is the best choice. It offers all the benefits of decorative tiles without any necessary maintenance and it is easy to clean.

You can choose from more than 20 colors combinations and seven sizes. You can use either aluminum foil or lacquer, depending on the design you choose. Due to this fact, it offers a smooth natural alathering surface, where you can use any variety of materials and decorative patterns. Your bathroom will look like natural as apple seed or tea. It will be a great place for whenever you need some relaxation and rejuvenation.

Not only that it is a functional equipment, but it also proves to be a very nice-looking decoration.. (found on Homedit)

Room Tiles By Vic?ibor Photo 3

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