New Fan House Made To Match The Building’s Overall Style

When looking at the current residence, it’s common to be skeptical. It doesn’t look very promising from this exterior and interior detail but, when you step inside, you actually feel the need to find a combination of bright and safe spaces. That’s usually the case with small residences like this one. It was actually the original idea but with no inspiration.

The residence is located in Los Pedroes, Yucatan, Mexico and, before you reach the residence, you might wonder what the architects in charge had to do in order to turn this apparently austere place into a welcoming and inviting home. It was a project developed by Rossano Rosselli Architects and it was all thanks to that particular site. The residence was built in 2011 and it covers an area of 5,920 square feet. Its architecture incorporates elements from all areas, from the interior to the exterior.

New Fan House Made To Match The Building’s Overall Style Photo 2

As we were already shown earlier, this is a house surrounded by dense vegetation and rough surfaces. However, that didn’t discourage the architects. In fact, they found it so pleasant that they even made original changes to the house and even had the walls opened up to make room for a terrace. The outdoor living space is a semi-enclosed terrace and it can be accessed directly from the house.

The connection between the interior and exterior areas is made very clear from the entrance. This is a covered terrace, terrace with views to the city. The interior and exterior areas engage directly communicate this space with the outdoors. The terrace has a continuous floor plan and it includes a ground floor living space, an upper level loft bedroom and a rooftop deck with spectacular views. The interior is bright and airy and the abundance of natural light and the beautiful landscape maximize living space in the most beautiful way.

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