Modern Outdoor Fire Pit By B-Line

Nowadays the landscape and outdoor design have come a little piece by little in order to push the design of the house more Indoors, designers are usually looking for new ways of integrating the natural environment into the art of building. This type of design has won the most support for this concept in recent years. Now there are more and more fire pits designed by companies such as B-Line Vipp; however, if you are still convinced, it was designed by the leading company an well-known figure in the real-world, Italian company internally Abbyson B. It is not an named one, but actually the name of a luxury property called Firesteel Tower II. What is interesting and strange about it is the fact that it has an unusual shape and architectural look. The unusual thing is that the stainless steel facade has been coated with polycarbonate and this metallic feature is actually applied at the facade edge in a multi-part geometric structure.

Well, it would be very simple to say that this is actually a firesteel building. But there are a lot of details that are very interesting and artistic, like the exposed steel posts, for example that design lines or the little curved windows. But let’s take a look at some of the architecture features that could fit very nice in this structure.

Well, first of all we need to discuss the two unusual designs proposed by Abbyson B.

They areoydne and they are called the Piodesign. These are two thick punched-metal letters, on 5/8? in diameter and they are made of 10mm white polished or whitewax wood with brass accents. They are designed in Prodema, on April 27th, 2011.

Also it would a very nice idea to take this pillar structure and apply a little bit of imagination to the design, so that you could actually see the pillar in there, to make the letters look unusual and artistic. These 16? in diameter squares are made of white or waxed paraffy and the wood was waxed for two years after installation.

The interesting thing about these squares is that they are positioned in a square shape. This way if you place them one side of the wall they’ll draw a much better design on the wall and we know it’s going to be the wall of the bookcase. Any way, there are many interesting places for these letters on the wall, starting with the corner, starting with the kitchen, and continuing with the rest of the rooms. You can get them ready made in order to create a special design for your walls or just to tell them what is important and includes them in your design in a nice way. You can choose different models that are colorful or have a neutral color and can be combined with the wall letters in order to create an original image.

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