Cost Of A Container Home – What It Really Is, Exactly

When you are a successful person you tend to attach a lot of importance to his or her personal life style, not only his preferences. With this matter you have to keep in mind that your home has to be pleasant, functional and, most important, functional. Your house should be as simple as possible and functional as possible.

This container home is perfect for you and offers the best services. Made of FSC-certified, recycled solid wood, the house provides a healthy living environment. The containers are covered with OSB panels. The wood helps create a modern structure. The ground floor features warm and wood tones, with large windows and glass doors that penetrate inside the house. The first floor is more sophisticated, featuring a series of partition walls and open public rooms. The house has a sustainable design, with a low-energy consuming, least dune lean-to construction.{found on archdaily}.

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