Old Fashioned Tub By Colizza Gandhi Associates

Japanese studio Colizza Gandhi Associates has designed the Stone House project. Located in White Rock, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, USA, this recycled swimming tub is both eye catching and extremely durable. The bathtub’s bright orange color is not just a matter of style, but also a matter of material. The bathtub is crafted usingIDES Acrylic™ protective glass and features a sturdy base and a sturdy tub shaped with pipes and a tub body for the freestanding part. The clean lines and simple lines of the design are offset and complemented by HD pillows and velvets fabric. The clean lines of the tub combined with the minimalist white pads and the matte purple color remind one of the timeless interiors of That 70s .

The steel stairs and amphitheatre tub is a standard feature in that area and is available in standard chrome or wrought iron. It will age beautifully in the handle of a crank-style steel bar and then turn into a spectacular pedestal, a seat, art or anything else you can think of!

The chrome seat cushion features a double sided tufted interior section. It is now available with a standard deep seat cushion or with a variety of colors. The cushion is created by purchasing the cushions in fabric. The overall dimensions of the cushion are 10?H X 25?W X 25?D. You can buy it for $LV-5?S.For your money click here.

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Old Fashioned Tub By Colizza Gandhi Associates Photo 4

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