Miele Coffee System, The Rectangular Coffee Table

In a living room there’s not much space for furniture. However, there are still options. There’s always room for something, which is usually more practical and functional. And if your partcipation is still to make lovely ornaments to decorate the home every day, there’s a coffee table that will take your space to a whole new level.

The Østico table is one of those tables. It’s a curved table mostly designed for living rooms. It has a top and a foot rest and it’s made of steel. The Østico table has been designed by removing the feet and bending the top to a specific height. It has an asymmetrical shape and a more or less classical design. It’s a minimalist piece of furniture perfect for small rooms.

The Østico table has been eliminated from the living room collection but it’s still present in plenty other areas as well. It’s part of the sofa design and, in addition, it also features a very useful storage space for books and other things. It has five compartments and it measures 80x90x40cm. If you place it by the sofa in the living room, as a focal element, as a companion, then you’ll also have a means of introducing natural light into the room.

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The Østico storage unit is available in several different colors. The main one is the black one and it can be also opt for a different shade if you prefer something simpler. The storage unit comes with five different models, three of which are smaller. The small one measures 50 x 50 cm and it’s made of expanded laminated particle board and birch plywood. It’s light and simple and perfect for small rooms.

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