Australian Home With Plenty Of Room For Everything

It’s finally nice outside. I went outside to find this house. It’s not an ordinary house, now that it’s home for an architect. It’s Terry Residence, located in Portland, Oregon, USA, was designed by Bercy Chen Studio. The construction started in 2004. The house was completed in 2009 and it sits on a 5300 sq ft site.

The client already had a nice home but he wanted something more. He wanted a quiet and fresh home, that’s somewhere in an urban area, away from downtown Portland. He really wanted to live there. He wanted to be able to enjoy the beauty of the house from inside the house. He did not want to be living in a concrete box inside the house. The architecture of the house was completed in 2008.

Australian Home With Plenty Of Room For Everything Photo 3

The Terry Residence is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. It features passive ventilation, double glazing, geothermal heating and cooling and geothermal power systems. The house has 4 bedrooms ad 4 bathrooms. Since it’s so airy, it seems like a perfect home. The house has a geothermal heating system and under floor heating. A rain water treatment plant, solar hot water, photovoltaic panels and an electric boiler, all installed by nearby utility meters.{pictures by Michael J Lee and found on archdaily}.

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