Wood Parquet Floor Tiles For Sale In The UK

Our last few offers may not be as generous as the most popular options from the US because of the mix of cultures in the region. However, some of these stores sell wood parquet flooring and they are definitely worth checking out. One such example is WoodTrend exclusively in the UK, no matter what store you visit there. This house was renovated by Davy Smith Architects and is now a relaxing, beautiful and inviting home with lots of interesting things to say about this timeless mix of wood and white. This is a mix of styles and themes and the result is a balanced and inviting space, with lots of light and details that give it a little bit of warmth and comfort.

Wood never looked so good so it was when we found this beauty. It’s a lovely blend of looks and simplicity, exactly how this house feels like. Obviously, it’s been a mess of rough wood and very little of unpolished, unfinished wood. This gives it a little bit of authenticity and it makes it feel more inviting and cozy. Of course, it’s obvious that there aren’t many wood pieces left. Still, there are some subtle wooden pieces scattered all over the place. They add texture and elegance to the mix. The staircase is one of them.

Wood Parquet Floor Tiles For Sale In The UK Photo 2

Wood dining rooms are very warm and cozy and that’s partly due to the wood’s natural warmth. There are of course cases where the earthy colors of wood are very beautiful and beautiful. This dining area, for example, has a fire place with a cozy moody atmosphere. The chairs are all relatively light in color but they give the space a big cozy look.

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