Rooftop Deck House Plans – Unusual House Shape With Roof Garden

Some houses are so unusual that you don’t even know which are the exact design. For example, how does one even manage to go above the ground, above Manhattan, CA, United States? Although there are many architects that succeeded actually making their clients build their dream home, this is by definition an extremely rare and unusual project. And it’s unusual for someone to start like this one. This is for a house you can imagine how it would be like, with nothing but a conventional structure.

The shape is highly unusual and reflects the idea of loft living, but also the person who designed it, the people who work in this magnificent construction and get to design it after having fun and admire the house for what it’s essentially like. Every room is different , all sorts of colors and lights. You gain access to a system of moving walls which can house 10 TVs, oneChe television, a projection screen, a lot of electronic elements and many more.

Rooftop Deck House Plans – Unusual House Shape With Roof Garden Photo 4

The house is positioned so that you have 270 degree views, floor heating, views of two worlds, three natural tones and incredible technology. What makes it so special? It is everything you could dream of; every room is unique. The tree is the star and everything else seems to float in the most peaceful of white clouds. The entire construction is almost ethereal and seems to tell a story. If you have any doubts about the perfect place you should look into this dream home!{found on archdaily}

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