Paint Parquet Floors: An Inspiring Accent For 2013

If you’re aiming at creating a simple, chic and pleasant ambiance, then you should think of implementing a certain style into your décor. A popular choice would be to use bright and vibrant colors. In that situation you could just work with a classic and simple décor. Still, it wouldn’t be very practical to work with colors that are also neutral.

Since the parquet floor is a common material for most types of homes and decors, it might also be a perfect material for modern and contemporary homes as well as contemporary spaces. In fact, it can make a home turn instantly orange or red. The reason why it works so well is because it’s the perfect natural and neutral color for the floor. Moreover, not only this material creates a modern and fresh atmosphere but it’s also a great option for cold winter days. Check out our article on different parquet flooring.

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In the living room, parquet floors can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. In terms of style, they can suit a modern or contemporary interior or a traditional style. Either case, you can see that this type of flooring is resistant and last for many years. However, now it’s more difficult to use a parquet floor because of the moisture and the fact that it needs to be constantly sealed. Nevertheless, you can see that the whole picture is starting to change with a new direction.

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