House Of Boards By AQSO Base

Located in Tehran, Iran, this unusual residence by AQSO Base is nothing short of an architectural sketch, a house that needed its architect to make. Surprisingly, the work was done by Estudio Arquitectura. The design team formed in 2017 by Zohar Shiri, Mojtalosh Karzanyi, and Mojtaban Mohawan.

The house covers a ground area of 4,200 square meters and sits on a 60 square meter lot. It has fortunate orientation on the south side and is surrounded by other buildings on the north, leaving open the courtyard. The entrance on the right side of the house gives a sense of openness, particularly from the road and the parking lot. The house has a solid concrete base, both inside and outside.

The patio is treated as a landscaped area, having minimal vegetation on both sides. A swimming pool with its wooden deck is the perfect spot where one can rest and enjoy the sunny weather and the garden. Outside, an elegant wooden terrace populated by some stylish stone bushes and some tall and fragile trees give us enough privacy to fully enjoy the vibrant area. In the interior, the living room-dining room and the kitchen appear because of the large glass windows that capture the views and the elegance of the interior décor, which embodies the owner’s style.

House Of Boards By AQSO Base Photo 3

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