Scandinavian House Design In Sweden

This lovely cottage can be found in Sweden and it has been designed by Matti Klenstvedt. The interior design was created for a young family that needed a bigger place. As a result, they needed an extra bedroom and a place for their extensive book collection. Based on that requirement, the designer came up with an original solution.

The idea was to create a place that would allow the parents to easily organize their children’s things in the nursery while at the same time allowing the kids to have everything they need for a fun and educational process.

This approach resulted in a beautiful nursery where the parents’ needs are very clear and simple. By using convertible doors and a ladder they can easily transport their extensive books collection during the night, as the nursery is a room that usually has a bed. The sliding door can also be used as a hiding space during the day.

The designer managed to give this nursery its own personality while maintaining and minimum requirements to anything that would remind the children about bunk beds. Notice the beautifully veined marble floor and the warm tones of the walls. Despite its simplicity and natural features, the place has a very cozy and comfortable feel.

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