Long Sofa With Chaise Longue, Fiver And Rainhower

Such a nice sofa you see in any living room, it’s no wonder you’re always dreaming of having this sofa in your home. It’s an idea that’s not just for storage. It’s also for display purposes. This is a very versatile piece of furniture. It has an unusual shape but this only makes its shape special.

The main reason why this sofa so special is because it looks like a flower. It’s an unusual concept that was taken from the petals of a species of flowering plant. Still, this doesn’t make it less appealing. The sofa features an intricate design that was achieved using actual actual flowers, natural clay and silk. The sofa is covered with double leather. The combination of materials is odd but elegant and eye-catching. The dimensions of this unique sofa are B12peszer 7x8x7.0” x D12fa.

The first thing you notice about this piece is the fact that it has a wooden frame. It also has a round shape and this frame also has a curved shape, also featuring a round back. As for the materials used to craft this sofa, there are several natural silk and silk materials that create a soft and pleasant sound. The frame is made of solid brass and has specific restrictions so you can only have a semi-anilite surface and a soft material. This design is available on request from the manufacturer. Visit expresswallace for more info.
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