Flat Roof Houses By Carlo Colombo

Flat roof houses were very popular in the 19th century, first in the 19th Century when Victorian buildings were still made. These houses usually had two generations of family living together and, even though the two periods had different things in common, they were still functional in the time when this was happening. The modern flat roof was not a new thing but a feature that still had there. The Flat roof house is an example of how you can do all that.

It’s a house built back in the 19th century and that has been renovated and updated. The patina of the old house has been used by the current owners but also by the architects that worked on the project. Now the house is a mix of modern and vintage. In terms of it features a combination of influences, materials and colors that work together to form an eclectic composition.

Flat Roof Houses By Carlo Colombo Photo 2

The flat roof house has 6 interior living levels and one for each level of the 9th floor. The 9th floor has its own cantilevered spaces that make it stand out and make it fun. The kitchens are all shared by the same communal space which has an island and walnut floors and cherry worktops. In the basement there’s a cinema with wood surround walls and a wood-burning fireplace. It can be used all year around, as a home theater, café or business centre. From $2.55 million in 2004, this lovely flat in South Africa was the height of sophistication thanks to its timeless design and high quality materials.{found on nytimes}.

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