Villa Miami:200, Living Vs. Sitting – A Mix Of Styles In One Room

Your living room has to be the most inviting room, of course, but also most comfortable. That’s what a lot of times has to do with the sitting areas in the house. It’s a space designed for relaxation, for spending time with friends, where you go when you’re in the privacy of your own bedrooms. It used to be a normal room but things are different now. Take for example living rooms that are more relaxing, simpler and don’t really require as much decoration as the other ones.

Hotel rooms are very cozy and inviting but now you can relax there, and enjoy some serenity, by choosing a casual décor. The living room designs we found on Mixology are very nice and beautiful. The color palette is soothing and elegant but it’s also warm and welcoming.

The style used here is a combination of modern and traditional elements. Eclectic interior designs are usually bold and vibrant. Here we have combinations of styles with surprisingly simple designs. A breakfast room was turned into a dining space with an all-white décor and beautiful beige-colored flooring.

If you prefer something simpler, a sunroom into the living room. In this case you could also say more with this color. The dining area was enlarged, the studio was redesigned and the apartment has also been enlarged. The kitchen is particularly spacious. It’s why a few touches of color might be charming in the long run.

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