Small Metal Houses Commissioned From An Old Quarry

The X House is a small but cozy summer retreat located in a region in Outte, Austria. It was a commissioned project by firm Xarchitekten and it was completed in 2012. TheX House is situated adjacent to a large quarry in Kallierstraat. The clear northern light is the inspiration for the interior design. The designers used larch wood to give the floors the appearance of wooden construction while the warm tones of stone combined with the white walls and ceilings create a modern and cozy atmosphere.The vast white of the facades lets us know that even the foundation is made from concrete. This combination of materials was used for both interior and exterior use. Moreover, the facades have clear glass walls which allow you to see the owners river view.

The lower level of the house is finished with larch and steel. The angled walls and the contrast of white tiled roof and wooden interiors create the impression of sleeping in a rustic shelter. An interesting feature is the steel staircase, the element made from untreated larch collected on the island. It changes color depending on the viewing angle.

The building has two entrances, one of which through a large hole in the ground and the other facing a small courtyard.

Small Metal Houses Commissioned From An Old Quarry Photo 3

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