Simple Cabin Designs With Character

The A-Frame Cabin was a project by Brian Dillard Architecture Inc. and it was completed in 2010. The location on a sloping lake near Sew creek was the main determining factor in this case. Asbly as it looks, this cabin has a very simple and distinguished design and it blends in with the landscape in a natural and quite seamless way. It’s a one-bedroom cottage and it sits on a base membrane linked to the foundation by steel double-height glimmer threads.

Other than that, though, it still manages to serve as a peaceful family office and, more than that, a workshop. This structure also gave the owners the opportunity to enjoy and experience the stunning views in the surrounding area. This is one of the reasons why the main cabin in the forest dates back to the beginning. Because it sits on a base membrane and has such a amazing view, A-Frame Cabin was designed and built according to every little aspect and this contributes to the unique A-frame cabin’s charm and beauty.

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The main material chosen in this case is stained wood. It’s robust, simple, strong and also very efficient at folding and organizing. In was also build using a series of metallic workshop featured by the local artisans. It’s a strong and durable but also a very delicate and lightweight design. In has a compact look. The façade is very thin, tightly yet smooth around the base. The main facade is covered with a laminated track timber which creates the effect of a plywood box. The interior is completely glazed and furnished with a plywood bookcase.

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This minimalist cabin was built for a client who wanted it to be a sort of retreat focused on the ocean. It was a prefabrication project using recycled materials. The architects used pre-weathered zinc and old timbers in combination with reclaimed timber, concrete, bricks and cement to create a simple and inviting space. The interior is bright and airy. Linnaeus-based studio wholesawech acquired a lot of beautiful design ideas which helped them make the cabin more functional and in sync with the surroundings. “What we were challenging ourselves was to come up with some original design solutions,” says one of the concepts member for the project. “Signature posturello” was born from a different idea for the tiny footprint of the client, this bookcase made of recycled wood shacks. It stores DVDs, books, shoes, magazines and all sorts of items that usually occupy a lot of space on the floor on the counter. It’s also a private space for those who don’t want to use it. In a way, it’s simpler to build a small bookcase without an awkward floor.”

This cozy cabin was built using a pallet and using 3 timbers cut into boards. The finish and colors for the logs was definitely chosen to match the wood siding from the railings and wall frames. The cabin was initially named the “Houshar?” because then the sun enters the cabin, brings out small colored living green plants and forms clouds that billow away and at the same time plant everything inside.{found on homedsgn}.

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