Party Table Ideas For A Festive And Fun Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration, full of fun, Christmas lights, little treat bags and many other items. And when it comes to decorating for this holiday, it’s a little more difficult to do so because not everybody likes the same. Personally, I don’t like that. I don’t like to have those little bags and plates filled with different things, that I don’t like for other reasons or that I don’t like having those things in my house at all. But there are some simple things that have the potential of making your Christmas decoration more fun and original.

1. Bright ornaments.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a good idea if you or your kids enjoy the spirit of Christmas. You can easily create a beautiful and colorful centerpiece with some colorful ornaments. You can use the same technique that you use for decorating the wreaths. Brightly coloring the tree with multi-colors ornaments is a good idea is to make a centerpiece that can last all season. Try to make it as long or as small as you want. For example, you could make some twine ball ornaments out of twine, dry erase or regular paper or craft store-bought paper napkins.

Party Table Ideas For A Festive And Fun Christmas Photo 4

2. Organic candy.

I don’t know about you but I just can’t figure a permanent spot for Christmas. Maybe it’s an RV or an odd house that not so much decorated with Christmas ornaments. But after it’s over and before Christmas is gone the candy cane / nut wholes are pretty good, even the green wrap ornaments are better. Wreaths are common. And the most important thing you need to make or pull off is a candy cane ornament. You can use styrofoam, which can be found at your local department store. Give the little candy cane a makeover and your project is complete.

3. Christmas in a mug.

This would be quite easy to make at home. Just take a mug of coffee or teal, some plain white or even white & black coffee stirrer coffee stirrers (you can use veronic oraldic potpourri) and some paper cups. Place the mug in the mug (you don’t need them for this part), add water, stir and add whatever size pieces of scrumptious drink or scented candles you want to decorate with. You can’t go wrong with a bit of pine.{pictures from bhg}.

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