Moss Planter By Sarah Dafiner-Hoseini

Plant lovers will certainly love this ingenious and creative creation. The Moss Planter was designed by Sarah Dafiner-Hoseini and it’s a very ingenious way of adding some greenery to your home. The planter has a square-shaped base, most of which is made of hardwood and has a matte finish. The plant stand can be purchased separately and, because of that, there are multiple colors to choose from. It’s a very ingenious and eco-friendly way of adding some green flora to your home.

The dimensions of this unusual and ingenious planter are 15cm x 3cm x 23cm. It can be purchased at the price of 78.64 euros. It would make a very nice addition to any home. It’s obviously a very functional and creative storage solution with lots of benefits. It’s certainly not the traditional type of storage. It’s a very good choice and it adds something new to the mix. We could enjoy collecting more plants in the backyard. It’s something that we would all love to have in our homes and this is just a logo for the creative process. It’s a cute and modern garden plant collection that adds color and beauty anywhere they goes. It would live happily in our gardens. The pieces are made from driftwood so their pretty rough image should be a good source of inspiration.

This unique planter collection is available in two versions. There’ also two different sizes. There’s a smaller one with a height of 24? and a larger one and there’s also a larger version, measuring 33?D x 58?H. They are made of 55 piece pieces. Each one of them is unique and features intricate details. These moss pots can be sued to create beautiful arrangements such as self and cast flowers, side nekins, vases and pots. They can be combined to create unique and colorful designs that would look beautiful in any room of the house.

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