Modern Wood And Glass Coffee Table By Manfred Kappeler

Nowadays people have all sorts of furniture pieces like tables, desks or other pieces of furniture with characteristics that no longer describe them. It is also the case of a wood and glass table like “Stone of Kahana”, designed by Manfred Kallbas? of Manfred Kallbas? Studio. This type of tables is made of clear glass and look like “stones that come in very small sizes”.The mahogany shaped table top is made of 55,000 laminated wood panels with amorphous polished and lacquered finishes, available in different colors like white, black, grey, natural lacquer and a selection of beige, brown and oak.

“Stone of Kahana” is the name of a glass table that has a modern design, but also of a nice glass top. The thinnest layer is a fine and quiet coarse stone, looking very modern and alluring. Simple and refined, it brings you a smile every time you use it.{ manufacturer’s name: Manfred Kallbas? Studio }

Modern Wood And Glass Coffee Table By Manfred Kappeler Photo 3

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