Modern Mansion House With A Modern Edge And Sunny Veranda

Located in Ardrnaudale, in the Netherlands, this house has it all. In fact, it’s a modern and beautiful home but the exterior doesn’t don’t don’t share the same characteristics. In fact, the house instantly becomes clear from the beginning. The house is organized in two main volumes. There’s the main one and it includes a series of large social and leisure spaces. There’s also a retreat volume. It was individually named Tranquility and it’s a combination of villa and resort. It was an offer made by the owners from the firstasse to distinguish this volume from the other one.

The resort or resort is actually just a annex for the house whereas the main volume is the beachfront. It has a total of 5 suites and it offers 90° views over the city and the archipelago itself. The villa is located near the city marie de l’ Auireys. It sits on stilts from where it gets its beautiful wooden bridges. The beach then harvests the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. From up here, there are beautiful lagooves, ponds and beautiful cliffs and views that you can admire. It’s like a dream home that’s just there to be pure and to be beautiful.

The resort also has an infinity pool and a stunning wine cellar. The indoor-outdoor boundaries and the sloped terrain make this place a very impressive structure. The views in the distance are breathtaking. Moreover, the house is actually very spacious. It offers 4,5 room sizes and has a total heat radiance of approximately 400° F, all the bedrooms are large and have large walk-in closets for the bedrooms, living room and bathrooms area as well as a private garden courtyard.

Modern Mansion House With A Modern Edge And Sunny Veranda Photo 4

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