Mansion House Pictures Byopsis4.[Suicide-Room Systems-X2]

The concrete structure of this two story building, located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is made of two units, one of which is made up of two units. On the one hand, the concrete structure comprises the garage and the entrance, while on the other hand the other side of the two story building contains the rooms. Nevertheless, these units are designed to interact with each other in different manners, their contradictions generates a new general dynamic, provoking new possibilities. The essence of the concrete house is the energetic efficiency of the spaces.

Space is one, appropriate from both sides and free from intellectual props. A constructive system is used for raising the different rooms, they are put together so as to general industrial control through this procedure. The different functional units include the kitchen and storage, the bathroom and the air conditioning. The main space of the house is the living room. The center is the device that CONTRAves the social life of the house (family, theater and cooking) and this living room is the heart of the house, in a “TQ- phase”. The latter area is the kitchen, the living room is the welcoming heart that links the kitchen area with the rest of the social good houses. The living room is quite small, just a space of 140 square meters (1,507 square feet).

The first functional unit goes through a corridor that links all the units. The second, the bedroom unit goes through a higher sloping sloping slope that opens into the garden. The last functional unit is the living room volume that is connected to the first functional unit by means of a central porch and a transparent deck that links all accessible spaces.

The highest area of the project at elevation 4 is the porch. It connects all three bedrooms and opens to the sun facing west, it incorporates the living room fireplace and the main dining room and it integrates the kitchen cabinets. The structure of the porch is made of wood and completely white and all the walls and ceiling have a single white colour.indo its furniture and touch the outside. The kitchen cabinets double as storage spaces. The fireplace is integrated into the concrete floor, the doors are dark brown and the kitchen cabinets also have a light colour similar to the wood but on the other side it has a nice dark blue countertop.

The back of the house is where the back garden is. This green space is bound to be filled with sun and it is also a water oasis and a fresh watermelton. The third unit is located at the furthest point of the yard and faces the street and the back garden. The swimming pool is next to this unit and the main bedroom suite is at the back of the plot, with its bathroom, closet and private guest bedroom.

As with all the boxes in the house, the vegetation that surrounds the house becomes a part of the interior décor as well as on the side. This is a bold design solution, that of course is also original and unique. The house now benefits from a maximum of privacy, considering that the living room volume is actually higher than the bedroom.

Because of the materials employed in this project, the house is both simple and elegant. The use of materials such as raw pressed aluminum, zinc, and raw pine wood, combined with the use of beautiful details such as the onyx walls, provide a balanced and elegant result. The final result of the balance between harmony and elegance is not only beautiful but also inviting.{found on designboom}.

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