Jacuzzi Tubs For Two With A S-shaped Base

Swiss designer Coates Design created the idea for a very unusual Jacuzzi tub. It has a very simple and almost austere look. The tub is made of natural dark wood so it has no distinguishblos besides the basics.

The tub is meant to feature a beautiful oiled wooden exterior with an intricate shape and a powder coated stainless steel frame. The design is both simple and distinguished while maintaining a stylish and simple feel.

The overall dimensions of the Jacuzzi tub are 31?w x 14?d x 14?h. It’s a freestanding piece of furniture and it can be integrated in the bathroom or in the bedroom. It has a chocolate wood frame with clear coat tape on the corners. Two squares on the sides form a frame that can be accessed to hold the tub and to mark the area you want painted so you don’t have to apply extra coats.

Jacuzzi Tubs For Two With A S-shaped Base Photo 3

The overall dimensions of the tub are 34?w x 27?d x 32?h. It’s a minimalist piece of furniture that can easily fit in any bathroom. It has a minimalist and versatile design that allows it to be integrated in a variety of decors, for either a cozy and inviting bathroom, to a more traditional bedroom or you can add it to your office. You can also change its dimensions according to your needs. The tub measures 35?w x 14?d x 33?h. It’s a handmade piece of furniture.

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