Ikea Ps2014 Headquarters In Bulgaria

This project is the sixth office present in this line of work, and it is located in a building formerly housing the oil company and famous for its revolutionary and revolutionary design solutions. The old oil company buildings are located in the back of the building and they have been transformed into offices. This old oil company building in Chorifyó village offers eastern perspectives into the nature, while its tower-like volume is heighten with large windows and covered with wood.

The exterior design of the structure is very interesting; it uses the traditional materials of the valleys and of the mountains in order to recreate them in the new construction. The architects have chosen to use black steel and glass, which create an amazing contrast with the pale wood that was used for the rest of the construction. The exterior and the interior of the building are made out of wood, but the façade is made out of blocks of brick that resemble some kind of big frosted windows, that also serve as a safety barrier. The reinterpreting of the traditional windows and doors creates an interesting effect because it allows the pre-existing strong architecture of the oil company to be restored and to be preserved. The skeleton of the building can be found in the surrounding landscape and the owners are the client’s best friends.

The old oil company’s new wing was started as something completely different, but tries to work again with the same handcrafted bricks that were used for the rest of the construction. The work has also been done, and the structure of the hall was restored in order to create a monochrome bathroom and a brighter space.{found on archdaily}.

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