Front Door Design Ideas To Improve Privacy In Your Home

Our homes offer us a lot of benefits and wonderful ways of decorating our homes are not as common as we once were. But one thing never missing is the decorative ways of decorating our homes. One of the options is to make use of the traditional decorative elements like doors and windows. But traditional methods require a change. For example those old doors are rarely used nowadays and new ones always need to be painted. This way we can use them this way or that. But we need not always be worried about the coat hangers either.

A door hanger is a perfect way of adding style and a distinctive touch to a rooms design without being bulky. Actually door hangers not only offer privacy but also enhance the space and make the room look bigger and brighter. It’s a feature that automatically makes a room look bigger but you can also adapt to the design and even change the function. Here are 13 of our favorite door hanger designs.

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1. The Hedger door hanger – £7.95.

The Hedger door hanger is really simple but it’s also quirky. It has a design that leaves the user completely free to move it around the house but that also gives it a subtle industrial look. The hanger is made of wood and includes a sliding mechanism, a hanger head that you can use to store books or decorations and a durable construction surrounded by a padded stainless steel mechanism.

2. The Podium Rotor Door hanger – $390.00.

The regal scarlet door is just what a bedroom needs to feel relaxing like home. It requires minimal maintenance and it’s very durable which makes it very easy to install. In addition, it comes fully assembled and doesn’t need an extra person.

3. The?Butterfly door hanger – $89.95.

Simple and beautiful, this door hanger is something you can use for the garage, the entrance or the living room. It comes with a flexible nylon structure and is easy to install. It’s a versatile piece and it can be used both inside and out.

4.The Spotted Gum combiner door hanger – $9.10.

A simple version of a hummingos wreath, this hanger is very practical and can be used in the garden, in the patio or anywhere else you need some extra storage space. It has a cheerful look and it offers very little privacy.Available for $7.100.

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