Fiberoptic Lights By Marti Guixe – Structure

Fiber optics has revolutionized lighting and visual arts. A new technique of illuminating objects is now being devised by Marti Guixe. A new section of light is now being added to the structures of his headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, to illuminate the four bars that symbolize the Bucharest historic centre. With the intention to create a functional yet decorative lighting system, Guixe opted for a system of acrylic lights fitted out with flexible extrusions that can be removed and recharged. The cosy glow of these cubes, suspended from cords, emphasizes the modern simplicity of the contemporary interior design. This brand new lighting system instils deep and long drapes to help create a more intimate atmosphere, while offering diffuse light.

These acrylic lights are ideal for both private and public spaces, where a hallway can certainly be illuminated with them. Their functional use also does not diminish the space they occupy in any way. They are available in a great variety of finishes and patterns, which gives them a unique look. With technological innovations, they can add style and personality to the reception area and are perfect for reception rooms, library, play rooms or public spaces where people gather for a party. Perfect for all ages, these functional and unique lights let light shine through, enhancing the added charm and modern minimalism of their designs.

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