Dining Room And Living Room Combo In Sori Romano – Giem

The Giem, designed by Sori Romano (yes, you guessed it) and located in Giem Verdi, in Rome, is a two-person dining room and living space. It is beautifully conceived with modular lines and features a Parc du Bois table designed to be the center of attention. It looks stunning in either a contemporary or minimalist dining room. Use it as a home office desk with a laptop and a small table (that, of course, can be changed down the line) or as a chic living room centerpiece or bedroom delight with a bed and a sofa bed.

Designed by Paolo Didonè

The Giem is the creation of designers Ennio Corato and gains in terms of design as it becomes an exclusive collectible. It is indeed a scenography that captures the very essence of the residence it’s a part of. It has the rock’s texture well represented by silver zinc accents; it also acts as a sculpture and the centerpiece for the room. Even the furnishings are surprising in this sense: the exhibit of Danish glass and steel pieces designed by the famous Gianstantti Calzere. I’m not sure the rest of the design was equally impressive.

What’s important for a luxury dining room is clearly the table and the sofa. They are indeed a large collection with plenty of interesting details and they each have their own unique characteristics. This however is not the time to solely base your dining room table decorations on the apparently random design. A little bit of color and a little bit of texture and a little bit of everything it doesn’t even necessary to be a collection.

The recesses are not only for display. They can actually be used to make the plates. Depending on what you need to do, you can choose more than three that are really just a simple recess with some hidden storage. For instance, you may want to obtain the collection in complementary colors and display them all together, in an abstract design that makes the collages stand out by contrasting with the simple straight elements. Or maybe you’d like to get really creative and try to make two or more of them, to turn one into a single monogrammed design by gluing just one simple metal bowl on each side. You will also be required to remove the refrigerator’s door to prevent any frosty displays, either by accident or deliberate onatching everything.

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