Chic Dog Beds That Save Space

Dogs don’t usually like to stay in any other type of furniture unless you contrast it with something that’s bigger than it. They enjoy being part of the family and they enjoy being noticed every time they come across someone else who might have them. So why not make their bed anyway? Well, you could. It’s simple, compact and fun.

This dog bed is perfect for any home and it’s not specifically designed to be used in the children’s room, since it’s so small. The design is cute and playful, making the most of this lovely piece of furniture. This is what you want for any room of the house. Add a comfy bench, a tiny bed and, if possible, a small desk or a tiny dining nook.

The Dog Beds collection is all designed and manufactured in the USA by Timbert Wheeler Johnston. The furniture is made of reclaimed pallet wood and all the pieces are attached together in a box. That’s what makes it so versatile. You can also remove the boards and turn them into storage shelves for bottles, planters and all sorts of other things. You can add this charming bed to the kids’ room, maybe to save space as well.{pictures from dwell}.

Chic Dog Beds That Save Space Photo 3

Chic Dog Beds That Save Space Photo 4

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