Bar Cabinet Crate And Barrel Separate Beds

In the case of all the other beds that take up space on the floor and sometimes that’s not enough, there’s always room for separate beds. However it doesn’t always turn out looking like an easy Solution. There are situations when the problem is easily solved, when the space is just too low and when the bed takes no floor space. These are situations where there has to be a solution, a storage unit or better said a wall unit. These are beds that have been very cleverly designed to fit in there.

If you have a small home, then an independent bunk bed might be a better choice. Bunk beds are extremely practical because they don’t take up any extra space on the floor. Moreover, they can also be very cozy because you can take a nap while relaxing in bed. These bunk beds were designed by Istikbal when designing this collection for West Haddon.

The collection includes two different designs. The smaller version and the model for a queen and three king bed. Also, they have two matching nightstands on all sides. The nightstands feature the same oak finish and colors and they are made from polyester. The dimensions of the beds are 20? x 24? x 24?. Both the bottom and the top bed have two storage shelves. The only difference between them is the size. The nightstands measure 9? x 13?. Bedding is also available. The bed is 1-2? deep.

Bar Cabinet Crate And Barrel Separate Beds Photo 3

The combinations of beds is very unusual. There are basically a set of two beds and a matching nightstand that serves as both a nightstand and a storage unit. However, this doesn’t make them any less functional and useful. In fact, this simplicity and versatility only enhances the functionality of the designs.

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The bottom bed features two large storage drawers that are perfect for anything from cloths bags to CDs and magazines. The nightstands are also very practical. Underneath the nightstand there are open storage compartments for books, magazines, shoes, even toys and children. It’s like having two little pieces of furniture which can be both storage and just useful. It would make a great addition to the playroom or the children’s bedroom.Available for £800.00.

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