Antique Decor Ideas Made To Give Your House The Warmth And Beauty Of The Indoors

Not everyone has access to the outdoors so unless you have a large home you should find a way of using it as much as possible to make the space feel inviting and comfortable. One of the most common options when it comes to indoor spaces is the indoors and you can now find a house that has all these things and many others close to your heart and in touch with nature.

This home in the Santa Monica district of Los Angeles has more than just an indoor pool. It also has a very distinctive interior design. The minimalist decorations that have been used to set certain moods throughout create this classical and timeless décor. The house features dark flooring with accent details that date all over the house. The texture and color of the flooring is also reminiscent of the hardwood flooring so there’s also a hint of vintage beauty throughout.

The ground floor living is also different than the lounge placed adjacent to it. The combination of brown and blue was used in various different ways. A tree has been placed at the center of one of them. The stylish sitting area is dominated by a series of modular white and blue sofas.

Another one of the most impressive areas is the dining room. It sits in a sheltered courtyard decorated with modern artwork on black wooden beams. The décor is very chic and elegant. The black window frames and the guardrails are an excellent choice as well. The elegant chairs complement the wooden beams and add warmth to the dining area. There’s a very harmonious dialogue between the indoors and the outdoor areas. The tree is almost entirely outside this courtyard. There are also a bunch of other small details that make this space feel like a holiday retreat.

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