Walnut Plank Top Coffee Table

Even though walnut is a very beautiful and interesting piece of furniture it mostly has to do with the way it looks as well as the natural materials used. So there are very few products that are made from this material and yet others that are actually pretentious and look like something else. One such example is this coffee table.

It was created by the Woodmaker Studio and it’s a very lovely piece of furniture that will definitely turn the coffee table’s design into a piece of art. The walnut top is not a true maple wood piece but rather a slab of slab that is carefully sculpted and fixed onto a panel made of it. The panel is in fact mounted onto a postbrush tree trunk that is normally used for drawings. However, this morph actually in the shape of a coffee table. The walnut top is now a perfect working piece for this coffee table that costs $350.

Walnut Plank Top Coffee Table Photo 3

The walnut top is crafted using large piece of walnut stain and is then polished to look like this. The walnut top is so beautiful and bold and it would make a very nice addition to the dining room. The dimensions of this unique piece are 36? wide x 18? deep x 18? high. You can buy it for $325 at local hardware.

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