Wall With Frames An Extraordinary Work Of Architecture

This is not the first nor more imaginative creation done by ACAR/ARCC. It is the first wall of a construction and located in the Hamptons, New York City, in the United States. The idea behind it is very simple: to design and make inhabitable spaces habitable by sustainable and cheap materials. In order to do that, Veracruzano Construction, a two-level white house was chosen for it because it has no architectural surprises and doesn’t look bad either.

The wall measures 4? x 5?, but is 8? x 5? and has a floor area of 675 square feet. It’s a 300 square foot space, but it’s a space that has been cleverly organized. This could also be called the ‘wall of the garden’. The wall has 9 different sized planters. There are 3 of them and each one is a planter.

If you place them all around the window, they’ll create a very original and interesting view. Of course, outside space is not the best choice for a garden, so these planters serve mostly for that. However, if the terrain allows it, these can be the focal point of the outdoor design.

Wall With Frames An Extraordinary Work Of Architecture Photo 3

The wall that separates the patio from the living area is made of prefabricated concrete. The walls are made of thousands of aluminum panels. This system can be installed in just three days. It’s a sustainable design that basically covers the entire building. Moreover, this unusual wall is also responsible for keeping the current trend of creating the warm climate in the area and guaranteeing air quality Check despite the many wood stains visible throughout the furniture and aluminum accents.

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