Tub Showers

A bathtub is considered a luxury item and people have always wanted to have one. But the more you think about it the more it starts to make you feel tired, with all the things that take time and effort to clean yourself, forget about everything and just enjoy the view. If you think that bathtubs are only for women there’s a first option. And this is for the weekend. Then you can go shopping for a bathtub from another manufacturer and, of course, you can make it yourself. Here’s a nice example of a simple and quite unusual transformation.

1. The Bathtubs by Dr. Seuss Inc.

Wow, this bathtub reminds you of the late-20th century. It’s actually a bathtub made of concrete after you’ve installed the pipes. It’s not very modern but it has an interesting design and it’s definitely eye-catching.

2. The Tub by Cold Stone Homes.

This bathtub was designed and manufactured by Cold Stone Homes as per the user manual. There’s also a version with the insulated glass and the wood parts. This way the tub is in perfect harmony even though it has different functions.

3. The stainless steel Three In One bathtub by Delta-Interiors.

This unusual bathtub was designed and manufactured by Delta Interiors and it’s an instant focal point for a room. It’s both stylish and functional, not to mention eco-friendly. It features stainless steel antibacterial properties and eco-friendly hardware. The price varies from $270 to $3,000.

4. The Faucet collection by Dije Fouche.

This is a Hollywood-style faucet line and it’s a fixture designed by Daniel-Matt.

5. The revitalized Drum stool by Newform.

Simple and beautiful, this stool was reinspired by the original Drum chandelier from the 50’s. Moreover, the seat cushions were made using high quality,awa fabric. It’s a handcrafted piece that would look amazing is a modern home. It’s a chic stool that would look wonderful in the living room, in the bedroom and basically anywhere else.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11}.

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