Tiny Apartment Designs In London

This small apartment belongs to a couple who finally decided to buy their cozy home. Instead of purchasing an already renovated apartment, the couple tried to find something more suitable to spend their time there. They ended up setting their own terms and it turned out beautifully. Now the couple has the perfect home that fits their lifestyle.

The apartment is located in London. As you can see, it’s a small place and even a sanctuary where they can go when they need to be alone. It’s a small place that also turned out to be very functional as well. As you can see, it has a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and even a bathroom. The kitchen is spacious and has plenty of storage. There’s also a dining area, a seating area and the living room. The kitchen is also equipped with all the appliances necessary and it’s actually a double-height space.

The living room features a wall that also integrates a floor-to-ceiling storage unit with lots of shelves and practical compartments. Overall, this is a very simple apartment. Its lacquered walls and ceilings are beautifully complemented by some cozy furniture and some simple decorations. The only other things that might appear like are a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp.

The living/dining room is spacious and has plenty of room for everything that stands here. The kitchen can easily accommodate a dining table as well. The bedroom is also impressive as well. Here there’s a bed, a dresser with lots of storage and even a play area. The bathroom is spacious and cool as well. It has natural and sanded concrete tiled walls and floor.{found on enviabledesign}.

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