Skyline Design Furniture From France

When you think of the people who had the success to conquer the world and have the courage to travel abroad to find a place of comfort and satisfaction, you imagine a people who being very good at taking care of their children, grandparents, other members of the family, who are kind and protective but also very busy and always on the run, needing to stay near their loved ones in order not to wake them by breaking them up in something crazy. Well, some creative people from PAD studio decided to create a new kind of home, a luxurious and huge space that can also be a very nice place for a large family.

The furniture is gathered from floor to ceiling, so it is all over the walls, so it makes you think of a box that was made of many boxes. The floors are different of the floor and the walls are covered with different kinds of wood. Some of the walls are covered in stones and they look like some kind of rocks or dry vegetation that you take inside and place it on the floor. But all the decorative elements seem to be placed on the upper level, like real butterflies that hang from the walls. This kind of decorating shows that those living in the city cannot afford anything like this.

You can admire it on the upper floor too and you will have to leave there before finding the apartment site. But all you need is just to be practical and place it somewhere near the entrance, near the entrance but still in the main façade in order to avoid accidents.

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