Royale 1432 By Richard Kirk Architect

Located in Malibu, California, this modern residence was created and designed by Richard Kirk Architect. It’s a residence that dates back to 1985, luxurious but warm.

Even though the location is an important element, the design is a little unconventional from every point of view. It seems that sought after attention and traditional details have been used in this project. The result is a modern home perfect for the owners.

Because of the calm and peaceful décor, the residence seems like it’s just a remnants of its owners’ childhood and they feel like home. The attention to details is also incredible. During the construction and renovation, special care had been taken to avoid the creation of subspace, which would create unwanted problems and future constructions. The house is now composed of a main volume parallel to the street, a two wing unit in the front, and a glass-encased wing in the rear. The clients wanted to have a contemporary house with clean lines, open spaces and a lot of natural light.

Royale 1432 By Richard Kirk Architect Photo 3

The owners also wanted to have the freedom to leave all his spatial demands elsewhere. Thus, the two separate units form a single house. The only problem was to make the front portion functional and to allow the back part to function without being cluttered. The glass partition between the living room and the master suite was made translucent by a curtain. What’s particularly interesting is that during the renovation, the roof was removed. However, what’s now a beautiful kitchen mixes ceramic tiles and black wood.

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